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5 Great Parks Near Beachwood to Visit This Spring

April 3rd, 2018

When spring arrives, we all get the urge to spend more time outdoors. And it’s a good urge to indulge in, too! Getting outside for a walk, hike, or just a relaxing stroll is good for the mind and body.

But where to go? After all, if you live in our area you know it’s a bit crowded around here.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are five great spots near Beachwood, OH to spend a little time outdoors this spring.

Preston’s Hope

This playground on the east side, on Woodland Road, is a paradise for kids, with loads of things for them to see and do. Fake shops and buildings for them to play pretend in, climbing equipment, sand areas and more make it a great place for young people to get active!

Beachwood City Park West

With a little under two miles of trails perfect for cycling, jogging, or just a relaxing walk, along with gravel trails, boardwalk paths through wetlands, a hill to climb, and more, Beachwood City Park West is a nice place to get outdoors and enjoy the spring weather.

Acacia Reservation

In nearby Lyndhurst, Acacia Reservation is a great outdoors area with a number of looping trails perfect for a walk on a sunny day or a stroll with your dog. There are gazebos, some gentle hills, restrooms, and more. It’s so quiet, you won’t believe you’re in the city!

Horseshoe Lake Park

Horseshoe Lake Park over in Shaker Heights isn’t huge, but it’s a pleasant place to visit in the spring, with a U-shaped trail sweeping around the horseshoe-shaped lake. The sights and sounds are nice, and the park is rarely busy. It’s a hidden gem!

Viaduct Park

Over in Bedford you’ll find Viaduct Park, a nice place for a good hike that also boasts some fantastic water features, as the name implies. The roaring of the falls is wonderful, especially on a nice spring or summer day.

Any other local hidden gems we should know about? Tell us about them in the comments! We’d love to share them in a future article.

Until then, get outside and enjoy the sun!

5 Fantastic Places to Eat With the Family a Short Drive from Beachwood

March 9th, 2018

Finding things to do with the family that don’t cost a lot can be hard, but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are five great places to eat with the family near beachwood. They’re all good, fun, and affordable!

Sweet Moses

This classic style soda fountain and sweet shop is loaded with amazing sweets. Ice cream, desserts, and more are on hand.

It’s worth the calories! Plus, there aren't many things that please the kids more than a stop in a place like this. You'll have fun!

Mia Bella

You have to have an Italian place on your list, and Mia Bella is a good one. Excellent pasta dishes made the traditional way, good portions, affordable prices, and a cozy like-home feeling make this a good family restaurant.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Don’t worry about the "brewing" part, this is not just a brewery, it’s also a fantastic restaurant with food the whole family will enjoy. Throw in a warm atmosphere and treats for mom and dad and you’ve got a fun weekend stop for you and the family.

Das Schnitzel Haus

Few areas do German food as well as Ohio does. In the Beachwood area you’ve got to try Das Schnitzel Haus. Great meats, hearty soups, stuffed cabbage, and a traditional atmosphere that will make you feel at home. It's worth a look!

Mitchell's Ice Cream

You've got to finish things off with some ice cream! Try Mitchell’s, a traditional ice cream shop that also has modern vegan options. Nothing like a tasty treat to satisfy the family!

We know many of you reading this know about many other great spots to eat with the family. We’d like to hear about them from you. Tell us about them in the comments so we can add them to our list. We may even recommend some in a future article!

7 Crazy and Interesting Facts About Cleveland

February 1st, 2018

golf ball

Here are 7 unusual and interesting facts you probably didn’t know about our favorite city:

1. Fore!

If it wasn’t for Cleveland, golfers would still be using golf balls filled with boiled feathers. Really, that’s what they used to use! Thankfully, Cleveland’s own Coburn Haskell upgraded them to the rubber core balls we use today.

2. Five Flavors

They call Life Saver candies Life Savers because they look like little life preservers, but the more important part of this story is that they were invented in the first place because Clevelander Clarence A. Crane wanted candies that wouldn’t melt in the summer, as chocolate always did. Thank goodness for his sweet tooth, because everyone loves Life Savers.

3. Their English Teacher Would Be Appalled

Here’s a great fact about Cleveland: It’s spelled wrong. The city is named after Moses Cleaveland, but … well, you can see it, right? That extra “a?” It got dropped thanks to the Cleveland Advertiser newspaper, which allegedly didn’t have room for it in the masthead (or so the story goes), so they got rid of the “extra” letter and inadvertently renamed the city when the misspelling stuck.

4. It’s A Magical World, Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes is arguably the greatest comic strip in history, beloved by millions and missed by just as many. It was created by Bill Watterson, who grew up here in Cleveland. He keeps to himself these days, so you never know. Maybe he’s back in town and sits across from you at the coffee shop.

5. Neither Rain Nor Snow

You get your mail delivered every day like clockwork, and it happens for free – so say thank you, Cleveland. This was the first city with free mail delivery, and was also the city where the postal uniform was invented. Now they are an American icon!

6. Three Strikes You’re Out

Cleveland had one of the worst baseball teams of all time – and no, we’re not talking about the 1991 Indians. In 1899, Cleveland’s home team was the Spiders, but locals probably didn’t want to admit that, since the Spiders went 20-134 that year.

7. Up, Up, And Away!

This one you probably know: the world’s first superhero was invented here. That’s right, the big guy, Superman, red underpants and all, was invented in Cleveland by local geniuses Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Even more amazing is that they did it while still in high school. If you love costumed adventures, you have Cleveland to thank for it.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts as much as we enjoyed digging them up!

For Whiter Teeth, Avoid These Food And Drinks

January 3rd, 2018

We all want to enjoy whiter teeth. The confidence that results from having a brighter smile can be a big part of making the most out of life.

whiter teeth cleveland

In-office whitening treatments can assist with giving you the white teeth you’ve always wanted, but if you want to keep that bright smile you’ll want to limit or avoid the following:


You already know that that soda is bad for your teeth. We’ve all learned since childhood that sugar will rot your teeth. What you may not know is that cola can stain your teeth, too. All the sugar combined with the dyes and coloring of cola can result in darkened and stained teeth after a few years of regular cola consumption.


No surprise that this made the list. All of us coffee fiends may not like to hear it, but coffee is one of the worst villains when it comes to teeth staining. It may be a morning necessity for many of us, but it’s also making it harder for us to have bright smiles.


We’re sorry to say that switching from coffee to tea does not mean you are out of tooth-staining danger. In some ways, tea is even more damaging to your teeth than coffee. Because it is high in tannins and rather acidic, having tea in your diet can be bad for your teeth. The good news is, switching to green, white and herbal teas can help, since black tea is the primary culprit.

Red Wine

Red wine is a favorite for many, but it can also wreak havoc with your smile. Its high acidic content and deep red color makes it great at staining your pearly whites. Enjoying red wine may be a nice part of your social life, but it can also be a a bad part of your dental life.

Raspberries, Blueberries

Blueberries and raspberries are high in antioxidants and great for your diet, but they are not so great for your teeth. These dark berries are high in tooth-staining colors, which is exactly whythey have often been used in dyes. Keep eating them, because they are very good for you, just be sure to brush when you’re done.

Tomato Sauce

Sorry, Italian food fans, but our favorite pasta sauce can also contribute to stained teeth. Because of the acidic nature of tomatoes and their deep red color, you may end up needing to see your dentist for a whitening after a lifetime of eating Italian food.

While this may seem like bad news for those of you who like to eat – and who doesn’t? – it’s not.

All of the above beverages and foods have good health qualities except for cola, so go ahead and keep them in your diet. Their staining effects can be mitigated by modern teeth whitening treatments and good oral hygiene.

Remember to consume them in moderation, of course. If you do, you can have a great smile your whole life long.

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