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5 Reasons Your Oral Health Matters (OTHER Than Your Teeth)

December 2nd, 2017

People are often under the misconception that their dentist visit is all about maintaining their smile and appearance. Straight teeth, white teeth, that’s important, but it’s not the whole story.

The fact of the matter is, your oral health plays an important role in your overall health and well being. Here are five reasons how:

1) Oral Hygiene Can Affect Your Weight

This may sound outlandish, but it’s true: good oral hygiene habits can have an effect on your weight. See, brushing your teeth sends a signal to your brain that you are finished eating.

When you have an urge to snack, try brushing and see how your appetite is suppressed. Add in the fact that nothing tastes good after you’ve just brushed and you can see how good oral hygiene can help you maintain your weight.

2) Oral Infections Can Spread

Gum disease often leads to oral infections, and those infections are not just a problem for your mouth. They can spread to other parts of the body, creating digestive issues, sometimes spreading to the heart where they can cause bacterial endocarditis, and other problems.

In fact, this often works in reverse, which is how many diseases can be diagnosed through symptoms that first show up in your mouth. Some of these include heart disease, diabetes, leukemia, and kidney disease.

3) It Can Help You Look A Lot Better

We don’t need to guess: we know you don’t want your teeth look bad. Your eyes and your smile are two of the first things people notice, after all. A good cosmetic dentist can repair many issues, but isn’t it better to avoid such issues in the first place?

Good preventative oral hygiene is not only good for your overall health, it’s GREAT for how you look and feel. A bright, white smile will fill you with confidence!

4) Links Between Gum Disease And Diabetes

Those who have diabetes are more prone to gum disease. What have only recently discovered is that the link may go in both directions. Having gum disease may actually contribute to your diabetes by impacting blood glucose control.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, the bacteria associated with gum disease produces toxins. When your body’s immune systemfights those toxins, your body’s response “can increase insulin resistance and, therefore, blood glucose levels.” In other words, gum disease is bad for your diabetes!

5) Poor Oral Health Can Affect Your Unborn Child

Pregnant women already know that they are eating for two. What they may not realize is that poor oral health can have a direct impact in the health of their child. Experts have found a connection between periodontitis and low birth weight, as well as premature birth. That means if you want a healthy baby, be sure you have a healthy mouth, too.

The facts cannot be disputed: your oral health and your overall health go hand in hand!

5 Worthwhile Charities in Northern Ohio That Deserve Your Support

November 1st, 2017

The season for giving is about more than toys and gifts. It’s also about giving to the great organizations in our area that do good work for other people.

There are far too many to count, but here are five we think are worth supporting:

Youth Challenge Sports

Sports and recreation brings young people together and teaches them teamwork and confidence. Shouldn’t those with physical disabilities have the same opportunity? That’s what Youth Challenge Sports does.

They are an organization dedicated to assisting young people with experiencing activities their disability would normally prevent. Your donations make their sessions, transportation and more possible, and through them, these kids get to enjoy sports normally closed off to them. It’s a good cause!

Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless

Homelessness is a problem few Americans want to talk about, one that often remains hidden away from us. It exists right under our noses. But with a cold winter upon us, it’s important to remember all those people throughout Ohio who do not have a roof over their heads.

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless helps fight for those without a home. They are devoted to lobbying, education, and much more, and they are always looking for assistance with their cause.

The Turn

It’s always a shame when a young person has their physical ability taken from them – and whether from Cerebral Palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, amputation, and other ailments, it happens far too often.

Through The Turn, some of the fun times those kids may have missed can be enjoyed. They provide free golf outings to young people with a wide range of impairments, allowing those kids to experience some of the fun and excitement they might otherwise be missing.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Our furry friends need help, too. The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs has a mission we support: getting older into homes with people who will love them. Until they are matched, these dogs are provided with a sanctuary to keep them healthy and happy.

And if all goes well – your support helps – they will eventually find a home. This has been a top rated charity for years for a reason!

Girls With Sole

Fitness and activity can lead anyone to a better life. That’s especially true when it comes to young women who have been abused. That’s why Girls With Sole exists.

To help provide girls who have been abused with equipment and gear, getting them involved in races, 5K events, and more. They also give scholarships to up to 1,000 girls throughout Northern Ohio. There are few charities like it.

5 Dental Problems You Should Not Delay Fixing

October 15th, 2017

If you begin to experience any of the following, it’s time to schedule an appointment, no matter how much you wish it might just go away. 

The truth is, there are some days when a dentist visit is a must, whether you like it or not.

smile dentist

You Have Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath is not uncommon. Everyone gets it now and then. A normal bout of bad breath is nothing to worry about. Chronic bad breath, however, is an indication of deeper problems that need to be addressed.

It may be gum disease, which you’ll want to address with early treatment. It may also be a sign of more serious issues. If you have chronic bad breath, it’s a good idea to have your dentist take a look so serious problems can be treated sooner rather than later.

You Have A Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Cracked and chipped teeth are also very common. Thankfully, modern cosmetic dentistry is effective and affordable, and you will have many options available to you to repair the damage. Take note that left unaddressed, issues like this can become more than just a cosmetic issue.

Cracked teeth can cause ongoing pain and can lead to infections that could put your other teeth in danger.

Even if the look of your cracked teeth doesn’t bother you, you should have your dentist examine them to be sure you are in no danger of suffering from other issues as a result of your injury

You Have A Toothache

A toothache is nothing to ignore. The pain from a toothache is telling you that something is wrong. You may think you can tolerate the pain or endure it, but letting a toothache go unaddressed is asking for worse problems down the road.

Whatever the cause of your toothache, the condition could continue to decline. In a worst case scenario, you may even end up losing the tooth. It’s preferable to address it early, when there’s a good chance the issue can be fixed with minimal hassle.

You Suffer From Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can come from toothaches, sinus infections, and other sources. If you are feeling constantjaw pain, have it looked at by your dentist to determine the cause of the problem. As with any issue you are having, the key to avoiding serious issues is to catch them early.

You Suffer From Bleeding Gums

If you suffer from bleeding gums during or after brushing, you may have an issue that needs addressing – but you also may not!

In many cases, bleeding gums are simply caused by nothing more serious than improper brushing techniques. That is simple to fix. In other cases, though, bleeding gums may be a sign of gingivitis or another underlying issues.

As with all such complications, addressing them early gives you the best chance of avoiding more serious issues in the future.

5 Weird Places in Cleveland To Visit Before Halloween

October 4th, 2017

Cleveland can be a pretty weird city, which makes it especially fun the month of Halloween. Here are five of our favorite stops for the offbeat urban explorer.

Cleveland Toynbee Tile


1) Cleveland Coast Guard Station #219

Head to Whiskey Island in Cleveland to get a look at this abandoned location. It’s only accessible by boat, so you won’t be visiting it, but you can still get great views of this old Coast Guard station, which is now claimed to be haunted.

2) The Cleveland Toynbee Tile

The mysterious Toynbee Tiles began appearing in American cities in the 1980s, usually containing oddball, cryptic messages of a vaguely political nature or that ask readers to “Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter.”

Cleveland joined the list of cities that have been visited by the mysterious tile-maker when one appeared at W. Prospect and W. 3rd. There is another at East 14th and Prospect that appeared in 2014, though that one is likely from a copycat. It’s a small bit of weirdness worth seeing.

3) The Sidaway Avenue Footbridge

First and foremost, this odd Cleveland sight is located on private property, so seek permission before visiting it. But if you’re lucky enough to see it, congratulations, you’re looking at an unusual piece of Cleveland history and the city’s only suspension bridge!

Built in 1931 and operational until 1966, this pedestrian bridge was set on fire when race relations between two neighborhoods went sour. It now sits near E. 65th Street and Kinsman Road, overgrown with vines and looking like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

4) Helltown, Ohio

Did you know just a short drive outside of Cleveland is an abandoned town that has been plagued by human sacrifices, Satanists taking refuge in an empty church, mutant snakes, hauntings, and chemical spills? Welcome to Helltown, Ohio, located within the borders of Boston Township.

Okay, so maybe most of this stuff is just modern folklore that has sprung up surrounding this abandoned village, but it is an entire abandoned village, and that is a little creepy, isn’t it? But if you visit, be sure to bring a cross and some holy water, just in case.

5) The Dittrick Medical History Center

Most museums aren’t all that weird – they’re meant to enlighten and educate, after all – but when the museum is devoted to the creepiest looking old medical equipment you’ve ever seen, the museum becomes a place for nightmares, no matter how serious the caretakers are about making it an educational location.

That’s the Dittrick Medical History Center, located at 11000 Euclid Ave. Full of relics that will make you love modern medicine, this is a great stop if you like your blood chilled as you learn.

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